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What is ?

TL;DR is the most trustworthy Random Number Generator (RNG) on the planet.

In today's society, everything is a black box

With all existing RNGs being opaque and the advent of generative AI capable of creating videos of fake lottery drawings, how do you make sure that a particular lottery, game, or app is legit ? Also, if nobody knows how the lottery numbers are generated, then what prevent lottery companies from rigging the lottery ? Why would anyone want to play a game if it has even a 1% chance of getting rigged ?

We believe this widespread opacity in the industry makes the public reluctant to engage more with these apps. Apps aren't build with the user in mind, and this is fundamentally wrong. Something needs to change.

The current state of all iGaming apps in the world Bad features

Enters is a Random Number Generator (RNG) built on the Ethereum blockchain, thus inheriting all the nice properties of Ethereum: it is public, tamper-proof, censorship resistant, and verifiable.

This is precisely what makes orders of magnitude better than any other RNG.

Because our RNG runs on Ethereum, we don't have any power on it, even though we are the ones who created it. In other words, we are not able to rig the RNG even if we wanted to.

This is, in our view, the ultimate property that any RNG should have, and why is the best RNG ever created.

How an app using looks like Good features

Transparency is the ultimate property

The truth is, only fully transparent systems can gain the full trust of their users. In particular, when money is involved, trust is so important for users that it is a unique selling point that can drive sales for your app by itself.

An onchain RNG also protects you from any rigging attempt and from any lawsuit against your app because there is an actual proof of randomness stored onchain which prevents anyone from challenging your game outcomes.

Therefore, using a transparent RNG like delivers benefits for everyone. Your users benefit from a higher trust in your app, and you benefit from higher sales, added security, and legal protection.

No knownledge of Ethereum required

We have designed an RNG which is so simple to use that even your grandma could use it to verify her weekly lottery drawing. 👵 That's right, you don't need to understand anything about Ethereum to verify the random numbers. Try it yourself !

➡️ Access our RNG on Arbiscan which is the official blockchain explorer, enter your random draw identifier (for example bafybeibxddqczapbao3ntl2lvn3cctzvdrvwlnk7e4ug4or6fkblw56huu), and voila, you get the random numbers.

No knownledge of Ethereum required. 🎉

Good features In the example above, the random numbers for the draw bafybeibxddqczapbao3ntl2lvn3cctzvdrvwlnk7e4ug4or6fkblw56huu are 7, 11 and 17


This random draw is just an example and was deployed on an old version of You will find the latest version of our smart contracts in the Smart contracts page.

What's next ?