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The main benefit of an onchain RNG is to let the users of your app verify your randomness onchain.

This can be done in 2 ways, either by going to the blockchain explorer Arbiscan or by going to a verification page on

Arbiscan is the official blockchain explorer for Arbitrum, which is the blockchain that uses.

By sharing with your users the URL of our RNG on Arbiscan, they will be able to check the random numbers for their draw in one click:

This enables your users to verify the winning numbers directly by interacting with the blockchain explorer without any intermediary.

Arbiscan verification In this example, the random numbers for the draw 0x7dab993f6b248a8354f74a45a0a58640b6da16a1736df22c25f06ad2608fb283 are 15, 29 and 41

If you prefer to share with your users a clean, user-friendly webpage with the winning numbers, we can also generate one for you on our domain

For this, you will need to request randomness as detailed in the With a verification page section. We will then create a verifiation page at<cid> where cid is your random draw identifier.

We rely on the IPFS technology to make sure this page cannot be manipulated by anyone, not even by us, even if we own the underlying domain

Sharing the URL<cid> with your users is therefore very secure and even more user-friendly than using Arbiscan.

Arbiscan verification View this example

If the user device doesn't enable to click on links, for example for TV lottery drawings where TV viewers wouldn't be able to click a link on their TV, you can convert the URL to a QR code and display the QR code instead on the user screen.

Another advantage of this verification method is that we can customize the design of this page if you want to, for example to include your company logo on the verification page, or custom colors matching your brand design. Contact us if this is your case.